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eventsolar.co.uk What we Do - eventsolar.co.uk

What we Do

Many people who run outdoor events wonder if renewable energy can really work for them. Here are a few benefits of having our Solar Generators at your festival



  • Continuous 24/7 Power Provision for Your Festival

    These days everyone has a smartphone/laptop/ipad etc and, as we all know, these need charging every day. By using Event Solar for your power you can stop worrying about batteries dying, comms going down and any other electrical issues.
  • Smooth, Continuous Supply.

    Even the best diesel generators sometimes struggle to supply a smooth AC power feed to your equipment. This is because they are designed to run at full capacity and when used for small loads can sometimes surge and/or spike which will damage sensitive electronics. Our inverter supply is better and more reliable than even the mains and will ensure that there are no problems with intermittent AC quality.
  • Carbon Saving

    Whilst operating, solar panels produce no emissions and therefore no C02. Many people are under the mistaken impression that they use more energy to make than they save during their lifetime. This as a myth. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the US have researched this and the average panel will pay back the energy used to manufacture it in less than 4 years. Meaning that with a 30 year lifetime this will result in 26 years of pollution free energy generation!
  • Pollution

    Diesel generators, even super silenced ones , still produce some low level noise and sub sonic humming , they also generate fumes and have to be sited away from the area that they are needed which also brings distribution problems as well. Solar power is absolutely quiet and emission free, so it can be sited right in the middle of the work area with no adverse effects
  • Versatility

    We can tailor a solar solution to suit your needs very accurately . You won't need to use a diesel generator that sits there smoking and surging because you are just running a few laptops and it wants to be powering 200! Our systems are as happy running one iPad as they are running 50
  • Refuelling

    Well lets face it, there isn't any! No diesel to buy, transport, carry and spill, etc. You simply point the panels at the sun and that's all we need! Even when there is cloud overhead our Photo voltaic cells will be generating energy - and when the sun comes out watch the readings soar! Because we have huge battery banks we can continue to supply you with reliable power right through the night if needed .
  • Educational Benefits

    Festivals are a boom industry and many of the next generation of production staff and site managers now study sustainable event management courses at university. We have spent many hours talking to students and answering their questions about the possibilities of solar power at outdoor events. We have found that there is a real willingness to acknowledge new clean technologies, move forward into low energy solutions and away from traditional wasteful power strategies. You will find that, by embracing solar power, your festival goers will appreciate your move towards a lower carbon footprint too