The NRGBOX is the ideal solution to your festival /camping lighting and small device charging problems. It is small, light, portable and versatile.

The NRGBOX gives you the ability to illuminate your stall (or camp), charge your phone, laptop or ipad, and gives you free, independant and reliable power.

The NRGBOX will save you money, hassle and, most importantly, will help save the planet… By using this system and coming off the generator grid or mains supply you will be cutting down on CO2 emissions and making the air cleaner and the site much quieter.


The NRGBOX is built from high quality components:

  • A high capacity Varta 90 amp/hr deep cycle sealed lead acid battery
  • An 80 Watt Polycrystalline Silicon Solar panel
  • A sturdy pull along hard plastic box with an extra compartment for the lights
  • A computer controlled solar charge regulator – to ensure optimum performance
  • A selection of the latest highly efficient LED lights to make your stall / tents / camping area bright and welcoming
  • 4 x power sockets
  •  An inline DC fuse to ensure that everything is safe
  • All necessary cables to enable you to just plug in and play
  • 2 x strong brackets and bungees on the box to enable easy transportation


The NRGBOX has been designed and built by Event Solar and is available only from us.

It comes complete with 2 x remote controlled 7 Watt full colour LED floodlights and a 10 Watt, 2.5 metre LED gel rope light – enough to brightly illuminate an area approx 10 metres x 10 metres.

The NRGBOX has been designed and built by Event Solar and  is available only from us.

All of this is available for just £545 plus postage

Other lighting options are available on request