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eventsolar.co.uk Eventsolar - How Solar Power Works - Solar Power PA System

How Solar Power Works

Sunshine is pure energy. It is the sole reason that  life on earth is possible and provides everything that living things  need  – heat, light, food and now electrical power.

The suns rays generate 1000 watts per square metre as they fall on the earth , some of this can be captured , stored and used to power electrical systems just the same as coal, nuclear , gas or diesel generators do.

Although solar power is free and abundant we fully accept that it is  still not practicable to replace all power generation with Photo Voltaic systems just yet  – but they do have a very important role to play in event power delivery and the team at Event Solar have over 25 years of experience in using this clean and silent energy source to run all manner of electrical systems at festivals and other types of outdoor event.

Certain devices are easier to power than others – most sound equipment is easily run on our system as are LED lights and all personal computing devices and molibe phones  too. Heating and cooling however  , ie cooking, space heating , refrigeration, air conditioning etc are the areas that use huge amounts of electricity and are not really worth trying to run using solar energy quite yet .

The Croissant Neuf Summer Party is a medium  sized family festival in Wales that we were involved in setting up in 2007. This festival has won numerous awards for its across the board approach to sustainability  including being voted the Greenest Festival in the UK (UK Festival awards) in 2009, 2010 and 2012 and is entirely run on solar energy. CNSP has proved that it is possible to look at every aspect of a festival and make it work in a clean, low carbon  way.

We have 38 large solar panels which can be deployed in a variety of configurations that produce almost four and a half kilowatts of energy in full sun – this is stored in several  large battery banks weighing almost three tons in total. Electricity is stored in the batteries at 12volts DC (direct current) and can be used to power some things in this state , however  most electrical devices need 240 volts AC (alternating current) which is the standard operating  voltage used in a house. To convert DC to AC we use Inverters , electronic devices that generate a  smooth sinewave and can run any 240 volt AC appliance. We have several high spec inverters and can produce over 7 kilowatts at full power.